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Undergraduate Students

The university encourages undergraduate students to make scholarly research a fundamental part of their academic experience. CIIC laboratories are dedicated to mentoring UChicago undergraduates towards achieving their personal and professional goals. Through experiential work alongside our researchers, we expect our undergrads to grow into original contributors in our teams.

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Research Training Programs & Fellowships

Fellowships and training programs available to support both short-term (9-10w) research experiences and longer-term in-depth research training within CIIC laboratories. Some of these programs are open to non-UChicago students.

For first to third-year Biological Sciences undergrads at UChicago, this 10-week summer fellowship provides funds for summer quarter tuition and a stipend for research at participating laboratories. Fellows are also eligible to compete for the BSCD Undergraduate Award for Research Support, which allows fellows to continue their research for a full academic year after the end of the 10-week summer fellowship period.

Honors in Biological Sciences through the Research Honors track demands a solid record in the classroom (minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above) but emphasizes accomplishments in original research, typically in a laboratory setting, leading to submission and acceptance of an in-depth research thesis. Acceptance into the Research Honors program includes a guarantee of stipend and fee support for research during the summer prior to graduation.

Faculty members working with undergraduate researchers will apply to this program on behalf of their students. The program supports the student’s stipend for 10-13h/week of research work for 1-3 quarters, and culminates in the student’s presentation of their progress in the yearly University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Designed for second-to-third year students of The College of all majors, applicants must have secured an unpaid undergraduate research position for a faculty member at UChicago or another academic institution during the upcoming summer, with substantive (~400h; ~10w full-time) research responsibilities. The program provides stipend support for the duration of the research experience and comes with the expectation that fellows participate in the CCRF Research Scholars curriculum and present their progress at the annual University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Designed for second to fourth-year students, this nine-week summer program prepares trainees dedicated to a continuing graduate studies towards a PhD or MD/PhD. In addition to full-time research in a participating laboratory, fellows will attend and present their work at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium and the Chicago Research Symposium. Limited to US citizens & permanent residents enrolled in full-time accredited colleges and universities in the United States and territories.

Thanks to a generous gift from John (AB’89, MBA’95, Ph.D’96, University Trustee) and Serena Liew (AB’89), the Liew Family College Research Fellows Fund provides grants to support undergraduate students who have secured unpaid research opportunities during winter and spring quarter with UChicago faculty members. While projects from all majors are accepted, 50% of grants will be reserved for computer science-related research projects, 25% will be reserved for Humanities-related projects, and 25% will be reserved for projects in all other disciplines. Fellows are required to present their work at the annual University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium.  

PME majors who pursue a substantive research project with a faculty member of the PME (note: a few CIIC researchers are not affiliated with the PME) can write and defend an honors thesis based on their work. Often students initiate this research program during their third year and continue through their fourth year. Students who wish to be considered for honors are expected to complete their arrangements with the adviser for Molecular Engineering (Dr. Mark Stoykovich) before the end of their third year and to register for one quarter of MENG 29700 during their third or fourth years.

With support from the National Science Foundation, the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering runs this 10-week summer research program that pairs trainees with hosting labs with the goals of developing research and science communications skills within the research-intensive culture at UChicago. US Citizens/permanent residents only.

Undergraduate REU student presents his data at a poster session

Communicating Your Science

Effective writing and presentation skills are essential for the scientific enterprise. The university community has a number of resources available, from training programs to hands-on learning sessions. For example, students on UChicago fellowships are required to present their work at an annual undergraduate research symposium on campus. Many other avenues exist for professional growth outside of technical skills!

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