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Melody A. Swartz, Ph.D

  • William B. Ogden Prof. of Molecular Engineering & Ben May Dept. of Cancer Research

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  • Contact: melodyswartz@uchicago.edu
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    Eckhardt Research Center ERC 379

Generation of potent cellular and humoral immunity against SARS-CoV-2 antigens via conjugation to a polymeric glyco-adjuvant

L.T. Gray, M.M. Raczy, P.S. Briquez, T.M. Marchell, A.T. Alpar, R.P. Wallace, L.R. Volpatti, M.S. Sasso, S. Cao, M. Nguyen, A. Mansurov, E. Budina, E.A. Watkins, A. Solanki, N. Mitrousis, J.W. Reda, S.S. Yu, A.C. Tremain, R. Wang, V. Nicolaescu, K. Furlong, S. Dvorkin, B. Manicassamy, G. Randall, D.S. Wilson, M. Kwissa, M.A. Swartz, & J.A. Hubbell. (2021) Biomaterials 278: 121159.

Lymph Node-Targeted Synthetically Glycosylated Antigen Leads to Antigen-Specific Immunological Tolerance

C.D. Maulloo, S. Cao, E.A. Watkins, M.M. Raczy, A.S. Solanki, M. Nguyen, J.W. Reda, H.N. Shim, D.S. Wilson, M.A. Swartz, & J.A. Hubbell. (2021) Front Immunol 12: 714842.

Polymersomes Decorated with the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Receptor-Binding Domain Elicit Robust Humoral and Cellular Immunity

L.R. Volpatti, R.P. Wallace, S. Cao, M.M. Raczy, R. Wang, L.T. Gray, A.T. Alpar, P.S. Briquez, N. Mitrousis, T.M. Marchell, M.S. Sasso, M. Nguyen, A. Mansurov, E. Budina, A. Solanki, E.A. Watkins, M.R. Schnorenberg, A.C. Tremain, J.W. Reda, V. Nicolaescu, K. Furlong, S. Dvorkin, S.S. Yu, B. Manicassamy, J.L. LaBelle, M.V. Tirrell, G. Randall, M. Kwissa, M.A. Swartz, & J.A. Hubbell. (2021) ACS Cent Sci 7(8): 1368-1380.

MHC Class II Antigen Presentation by Lymphatic Endothelial Cells in Tumors Promotes Intratumoral Regulatory T cell-Suppressive Functions

A.O. Gkountidi, L. Garnier, J. Dubrot, J. Angelillo, G. Harlé, D. Brighouse, L.J. Wrobel, R. Pick, C. Scheiermann, M.A. Swartz, & S. Hugues. (2021) Cancer Immunol Res 9(7): 748-764.

Lymphangiogenesis-inducing vaccines elicit potent and long-lasting T cell immunity against melanomas

M.S. Sasso, N. Mitrousis, Y. Wang, P.S. Briquez, S. Hauert, J. Ishihara, J.A. Hubbell, & M.A. Swartz. (2021) Sci Adv 7(13): eabe4362.

Pro-lymphangiogenic VEGFR-3 signaling modulates memory T cell responses in allergic airway inflammation

K. Maisel, C.L. Hrusch, J.E.G. Medellin, L. Potin, D.B. Chapel, H. Nurmi, D.F. Camacho, R. Gleyzer, K. Alitalo, A.I. Sperling, & M.A. Swartz. (2020) Mucosal Immunol 14(1): 144-151.

Collagen-binding IL-12 enhances tumour inflammation and drives the complete remission of established immunologically cold mouse tumours

A. Mansurov, J. Ishihara, P. Hosseinchi, L. Potin, T.M. Marchell, A. Ishihara, J.M. Williford, A.T. Alpar, M.M. Raczy, L.T. Gray, M.A. Swartz, & J.A. Hubbell. (2020) Nat Biomed Eng 4: 531-543.

Lymphatic endothelial cells prime naïve CD8+ T cells into memory cells under steady-state conditions

E Vokali, S.S. Yu, S. Hirosue, M. Rinçon-Restrepo, F.V. Duraes, S. Scherer, P. Corthésy-Henrioud, W.W. Kilarski, A. Mondino, D. Zehn, S. Hugues & M.A. Swartz. (2020) Nat Commun 11: 538.

Adjuvant-free immunization with infective filarial larvae as lymphatic homing antigen carriers

C. Card, D.S. Wilson, S. Hirosue, M. Rincon-Restrepo, A. de Titta, E. Güç, C. Martin, O. Bain, M.A. Swartz, & W.W. Kilarski. (2020) Sci Rep 10(1): 1055.

Growth factors with enhanced syndecan binding generate tonic signalling and promote tissue healing

M. Mochizuki, E. Güç, A.J. Park, Z. Julier, P.S. Briquez, G.A. Kuhn, R. Müller, M.A. Swartz, J.A. Hubbell, & M.M. Martino. (2019) Nat Biomed Eng 4: 463-475.

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