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Aaron P. Esser-Kahn, Ph.D.

Improving the Adjuvanticity of Small Molecule Immune Potentiators Using Covalently Linked NF-κB Modulators

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A synthetic pathogen mimetic molecule induces a highly amplified synergistic immune response via activation of multiple signaling pathways

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Site-specific antigen-adjuvant conjugation using cell-free protein synthesis enhances antigen presentation and CD8+ T-cell response

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Bio-inspired mechanically adaptive materials through vibration-induced crosslinking

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Pathogen-like Nanoassemblies of Covalently Linked TLR Agonists Enhance CD8 and NK Cell-Mediated Antitumor Immunity

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Increased vaccine tolerability and protection via NF-κB modulation

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Tuning Subunit Vaccines with Novel TLR Triagonist Adjuvants to Generate Protective Immune Responses against Coxiella burnetii

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Correlating the structure and reactivity of a contact allergen, DNCB, and its analogs to sensitization potential

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Linked Toll-Like Receptor Triagonists Stimulate Distinct, Combination-Dependent Innate Immune Responses

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